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Custom Homes Builder Kitchener

Custom Homes Builder Kitchener

Raison Homes eases the ride with experience and assists our clients throughout the home building process, from start to finish.
As your one-stop solution to building your dream home, we understand the simulating experience. We at Raisons, have formulated and simplified the process to guide clients in the right direction through this time.
We manage your overall projects. We design and conceptualize your dream home followed by orchestrating the build process including liaising with architects and engineers to make it as smooth of a process as possible before the final handover.

Custom Homes Builder Kitchener Waterloo Cambridge

Luxury Custom Homes in Kitchener

Our Kitchener team will make you feel comfortable while taking part in the planning process to decide on the layout of the home, the finishes, colours, lighting and remaining home amenities. Throughout the process of building a custom home; decisions, schedules and the budget is kept in mind. Our Kitchener team works with you every step of the way to ensure a smooth, quality experience with your new custom home build. We won't rest until you are satisfied with your newly built custom home, built just the way you wanted! We are happily working with clients across Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph. Since a significant amount of the work is done in-house by our staff, this helps us control over elements of budget and time avoiding any surprises on both ends.

Quality Construction Solutions

Trust the Professionals at Raison Homes to Handle Your Construction Project

Luxury Custom Homes

Raison Homes provides a range of capabilities for building custom homes. We identify each component of the building process to bring order and accomplish the quality finished product. Designed for homeowners who require the best in comfort and style, we employ the latest technology. Combining quality construction with passive house building technologies, allows Raison to deliver an end product.

Custom Semi-Detached Homes

We also build custom semi-detached homes. The options for building or buying custom semi-detached homes are similar to those of detached houses. There’s yard space for you to customize, as well as many of the exterior and most interior design features. If you’re willing to sacrifice a bit of space and privacy in return for lower purchase or construction costs, then a semi-detached home may be right for you. Its lower price point makes for an appealing feature.

multi-unit project

Multi-Unit Projects

We at Raisons, also cater to building multi-unit projects. This can mean that you are literally starting with a blank slate in terms of floor plan and rooms. While you certainly want to design your home to ideally fit your lifestyle, there are some items that could also add considerable value to your property. You might consider adding, depending on your specific needs and tastes. We approach the building process systematically and constantly improve our systems to deliver.

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